Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Using Inspirational And Educational Reading

In my old weather worn and well used Dungeon Master's Guide for 1st edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, on page 244 is Appendix N: Inspirational and Educational Reading. Numerous fan favorites of the authors are listed there. Appendix N has also been used as a reference point by many bloggers ranging from gaming professionals to those who love to game.

My own Appendix N would vary depending on what I was running and what I was trying to emulate. The materials I enjoy referencing in Mutants and Masterminds are very different than those I would return to or seek out for a dark and gritty game of Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing.

The.. 'purpose' of this blog will be to occassionaly discuss what things I find useful for gaming purposes in the fiction I'm reading or have recently read. Older stuff that I've read, outside of some great quotes like Stormbringer's parting words to Elric, is still in my brain, but my recollections of it and how I'd react to it now are probably much different than what I thought of it at the time of reading.

Be warned though. My first few posts will probably focus on stuff I've been reading for direct inspiration for my Forgotten Realms 4e game (set in the pre-Spellplague/Spellscar/4e era) will probably focus on several Forgotten Realms novels and what I take from them and may/may not directly plunder!

Until then though, good reading!